More buoyant than the competition and the most stable on the market.

Can be utilized across a variety of industries in the UAE and Middle East


Modular floating docks have been a key element of some of our recent marine projects in the UAE.

World's First Floating Security Fence and Platform
We provided the world's first turnkey "Design and Build" Marine Floating Security Fence engineering solution for a private company in the UAE. Our engineering and operations team performed complete installation and design of the anchoring, fence, cabins and security gate. Marsol custom designed the floating fence and security gate components to interlink with the floating dock modular units. We concur that this is the first and potentially a one-of-a-kind engineering design in the world. The project was handed over successfully and completed within the allowed timeline.
International Event in Abu Dhabi
In February, Marsol International supported a local, world-renowned hotel chain by adding a temporary solution to increase their viewing space for an international event in Abu Dhabi. Our role was to design a solution which increased the hotel’s footprint at their existing jetty. We utilised modular floating docks as a pontoon which increased the hotel’s space by at least 100 square metres. The pontoon was used as entertainment set-up during the three day event at The Corniche, and offered guests an uninterrupted view of the Red Bull Air Race.
Purpose-built Floating Pontoons at America's Cup in Collaboration with Oman Sail
Last March 2017, Marsol International supported an international sporting event organized locally by designing purpose-built platforms for athletes to get in and out of the water. The project consisted of three platforms of which two were purpose-built for the event. Modular floating docks were again utilised for floatation, due to its flexibility in design. The design consisted of two exit/entry ramps which were built locally, as well as a 50m x 3m starting platform. All platforms were delivered and installed onsite within the allocated timeframe.
Platform Solutions for Pipeline Services Company in Dubai
The solution was to create an 8x8m platform solution connected by a 25x2m walkway. The platform is based only on the following information supplied by the client. Pontoon size is approximately 8x8m with 25m walkway to support 3 water pumps. Fuel container and generator specifications were not provided but assumptions were made to estimate 2 tons each so the dock will be able to support 10-12 tons. The pontoon was used as a floating platform to allow access to the pumps to sufficient water depth as required by the manufacturers to provide sufficient suction from the pump head.
ADCOP Pipeline Project Floating Platform Support in Fujairah, UAE
Our modular floating docks were used to serve as a floating platform to carry hoses while submerged in deep water. It was used to perform hose changeout and lifting procedures offshore.

Our floating dock's potential applications are endless.

The versatile, modular design ensures that bespoke requirements can be catered for, which ultimately saves space, time and costs.

The system is easy to use and low maintenance

Changeable and portable

Low cost and hard wearing