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Floating Pontoon for Commercial Use
May 28, 2017

Versatile Floating Docks & Pontoon Rental


Our modular floating docks can provide a solution whatever the shape of your pontoon. The possibilities are endless since VersaDock’s advanced construction pontoons and jetties are modular. We can, therefore, design to bespoke requirements to produce the perfect platform for your needs.

When it comes to boat care, our floating docks, jetties, marinas and mooring options are vast and innovative. We offer range of static drive on docks, dry sail docks and boat lifts for leisure boats, workboats, rescue boats, RIBs and jetskis — allowing for mooring on water but raised out of the water, so no anti-fouling is needed.

Our modular docking range is used in offshore marine services, civil defense, emergency services, military, rescue and for private moorings.

Floating pontoon rental has never been this easy! We have the safe and secure pontoon solution for any requirement. Our floating pontoons are perfect platforms for the construction, waterways, marine and offshore industries including events. Our solution comes with quick and easy installation, a modular floating pontoon hire delivery and pick-up service.
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Floating Scaffold Platforms

The non-slip systems are extremely robust and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and seawater submersion.