Floating Pontoon for Events
May 28, 2017
Floating Pontoon for General Use
February 2, 2017

Pontoons for Clever Commercial Use


Pontoons can be hired with safety barriers, handrails, gangways, mooring cleats and fenders suitable for a wide range of commercial applications.

A floating service platform can take the complexity out of over-water or on-water operations, and significantly reduce risk to personnel and structures. A floating pontoon can provide safe and stable waterside access for emergency repairs, floating inspection, and maintenance.

Our modular dock system can be configured to make floating walkways, temporary gangways, floating bridges, pump stations, pontoons for shore access, platforms for scaffold towers, work platforms, pontoons for shallow water access (including mangroves), access rafts and motorized barges, all capable of withstanding heavy loads and providing stability for industrial equipment.

Suited also to more unusual and challenging projects, the list of applications is virtually limitless – for example housing for temporary pumping installations and even supporting pipe work running to shore.
Floating inspection and repair
Pump stations
Service pontoons
Access rafts
Emergency repair access
Support platforms

The non-slip systems are extremely robust and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and seawater submersion.